Can we visit a wedding where you are performing?

We respect the privacy of all our clients; therefore, we do not allow clients to attend events to view our services. After all, would you want a complete stranger at your wedding distracting your DJ with questions? We believe that our focus should be on the wedding couple and their guests, not on selling our services to other brides and grooms.

However, our references, online reviews, and the information we provide you in our initial meeting will speak volumes of our experience, style, and professionalism.

How involved can we be in selecting music for our event?

We encourage you to be as involved as you would like to be! Most of our clients place great value on music and probably have very distinct ideas about what they want to hear. The majority of our couples, however, discuss with their DJ, in-depth, their preferences and at least a few specific requests. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients and respecting their input and wishes while providing additional suggestions and guidance when appropriate. Rest assured, you will never hear songs you have asked not to be played or genres you’ve told us you don’t like.

What is the price range for your services and who’s included?

Our standard package for weddings up to 5 hours of performance time (additional time is available at a prorated hourly cost), setup time, breakdown time, and ALL equipment, including additional sound systems and wireless microphones for weddings with up to 300 guests. For weddings with over 300 guests, a custom quote is necessary to ensure your event’s equipment and staffing needs are met. Our flat-rate pricing is refreshingly easy to understand — there are no hidden charges, and all fees are clearly stated in your agreement with A-Z. For weddings, our prices range from $1195 to $4995. Please schedule a brief consultation for a more exact price.

What do you require from my event site?

We require at least one 6-foot banquet table, with linens, and adequate power (120-volt, 15-amp circuit on a grounded outlet) within 30 feet of where we perform. If your event will occur in multiple spaces (such as a wedding ceremony in another area) then require another table and access to electricity in those areas as well. Talk to your DJ about any additional areas that need sound coverage and they can advise you on exactly what they need to make it happen. Ie Outdoor performance we need to be under canopy cover.

How much experience do your DJs have?

Our DJs vary in their years with A-Z, but all have one important thing in common: they produce great events! Howard Wallach proactively seeks out personable, professional, and hard-working individuals with a love of hospitality & music to join our team. To make sure that our new DJs develop the important aspects of service and maximizing participation, they participate in our DJ Mentor Program, which combines classroom learning and on-the-job training.

How do you determine who our DJ will be?

We take pride in our ability to match the right talent to your event. We use several criteria in making the selection including, but not limited to: your priorities and goals.

How involved are you in helping us to plan our music?

Just as you pay a caterer for their expertise in food, you are paying MyDeejay in large part for our expertise in music. We are more than willing to provide you with a multitude of suggestions based on your preferences, and we’re perfectly comfortable selecting most (or all) of the music if you aren’t interested in doing so. Our extensive knowledge of music enables us to work with your requests and create a mood that reflects your tastes while creating a great atmosphere for all of your guests. In addition, we specialize in addressing music “challenges,” whether combining multicultural musical styles or adapting unique or eclectic music tastes to the formality of a wedding. Both your DJ and our management team are always available to answer questions or assist you in choosing the songs that will reflect your vision of your special day.

What happens in an emergency?

As with all of our services, we have a reserve DJ on call in case an emergency arises, giving you peace of mind. And in addition to reserve DJs, we also have a weekend manager and an on-call technician to handle any other situation that might arise.

Do you meet with your brides and grooms before the event?

We are always open to meeting with our brides and grooms ( and their parents ) If you would like to get a feel for us, we would love to phone or video conference together.

During the planning process, we have a very detailed, online planning form that we have you fill out. This will answer a lot of the questions you have and it might even make you think of things you never thought of before! We like to have this planning form completed at least 3-6 weeks before the big day. Once you have completed the form, we will reach out to you via a phone call or email with any questions we have.

How much is the deposit to secure your services and when is it due?

We require a 1/3, non-refundable booking reservation fee to secure our services (50% of your total package price). This payment is due at the time of booking and you have 10 days to secure our services. After 10 days, we cannot guarantee our services for your event.

Can I pay for your services with a credit card?

Yes! We want to make the booking process as easy as possible for you so we accept credit cards! We prefer Zelle Payments, however, our online payment portal will allow you to make the payments. Please note, there is a small 1.5% transaction fee.

Can I pay for your services with a credit card?

10 days prior to your event date.

I would like a musician to sing and/or play a song for our ceremony, 1st dance or other special occasion. Do you provide any equipment for them?

Yes! We will gladly accommodate this request!  We will provide a 1/4” instrument cable for the guitarist or pianist to plug into their instrument. This instrument cable will be plugged into our sound system on the other end. Please make sure your musician has a 1/4” instrument cable jack somewhere on their instrument. If they don’t, please reach out to us personally so we can come up with a solution.

For singing, we will provide an extra microphone. Please let us know if the musician needs the mic on a mic stand so we can bring an extra one with us. Also, let us know ahead of time if a wireless mic is needed instead of a wired mic so we can prepare for this request.

For your ceremony, our sound system includes Two speakers on stands, our mixer with four XLR/1/4” input channels, two left and right 1/4” input channels or a 1/8” (headphone) input jack, and a left and right RCA input channel.

If we have a musician playing during the ceremony or reception and they need to use your sound system, what time should they do a sound check with you?

Typically, if we are providing sound for the ceremony and reception, we will arrive 2 1/2 hours before your ceremony starts to start setting up. It takes us about an hour to set up our reception sound system and it takes us about 20 minutes to set up the ceremony sound system (plus whatever time it takes for us to travel between the ceremony site and the reception site). For the ceremony, we would estimate the soundcheck to be about 1 hour before your ceremony starts. For the reception, we would estimate the soundcheck to be about 1 1/2 hours before your ceremony starts.

Our videographer is wondering if they can plug into your sound system to record audio during the ceremony and/or reception. Is this possible?

Yes, your videographer can plug into our system to record audio coming out of our mixer. For our ceremony sound system, we have a Left and Right RCA jack or a 1/4” Left and Right jack that outputs the sound from our mixer. They will need to provide their own cables and recorder.

For our reception sound system, we have a Left and Right RCA jack that outputs the sound from our mixer. Again, they will need to provide their own cables and recorder.

We have a live musician playing all the songs for our ceremony. Do we still need your services for the ceremony?

Live musicians are awesome and we’re stoked you’re having them play for your ceremony! With that being said, live musicians don’t typically handle mic’ing the officiant or groom for the ceremony. If you are having 50 people or more at your wedding and your wedding is outdoors, we highly recommend putting a lapel microphone on the officiant so your guests can hear what he or she is saying. Also, if you want the bride and groom’s voices to be heard during the ceremony, we recommend putting a lapel mic on the groom. This mic will be close enough to pick up both the bride and groom’s voices. We provide both of these lapel mics in our ceremony service.

We can also play 30 minutes of pre-ceremony music while your guests arrive if you select our ceremony service.

One last thing…if there is one song that you want played during the ceremony that the live musician just can’t handle or that wouldn’t sound right, let us handle playing it! We can play virtually any song if it’s available as an mp3.

What is your policy if we have to cancel, postpone, or reschedule our event due to Covid-19?

We totally understand the uncertainty with the Coronavirus. Below, we have listed the clauses in our contract that cover this topic. Please understand, as a small company, we have to reserve your date and not take any other events that day. If we didn’t have policies in place and you decided to cancel a month out, we would be out of that money and we wouldn’t have adequate time to book another event.

CANCELLATION/CHANGES/FORCE MAJEURE. All fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable with the exception of a government-issued “Shelter in place” order or any Force Majeure event. Should Client reschedule an event that is not under a government-issued “Shelter in place”. No refunds will be given for any canceled event, however, in the event of a Force Majeure event cancellation ONLY, funds will be kept as a credit toward a future event (subject to availability).

Force Majeure. Neither the DJ nor the Client shall be liable for any failure or delay in performance of its obligations under this Agreement arising out of or caused, directly or indirectly, by circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including, without limitation, acts of God, accident, flood, fire, earthquake, explosion, governmental actions, war, invasion or hostilities (whether war is declared or not), terrorist threats or acts riot, or other civil unrest, national emergency, revolution, insurrection, epidemic, pandemic, quarantine, lock-outs, strikes or other labor disputes (whether or not relating to either party’s workforce), loss or malfunctions of utilities, communications or computer (software and hardware) services, or power outages.