Howard Wallach

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Special Event Expert & Entertaining Speaker

Dynamic presenter, Howard Wallach, delivers motivational talks on Proactive Habits for Personal & Professional Success with colorful stories and actionable tips.

Whether a large event, conference, association, staff meeting, keynote, community-school seminar, . . . He will entertain your group and help them make a positive difference in their lives.

Combining energy and humor, he helps people recognize the power of self-reflection and to position themselves for new heights in personal achievement and accelerated performance.


Woot Woot! Emcee Howard Wallach seamlessly becomes part of your trade show marketing team and your very own enthusiastic brand ambassador! Getting attendees to smile, listen and learn is his calling.

Since 1987, Howard has traveled the world as a game show host and special event producer, creating more energy & more buzz. Five, ten, twenty presentations a day without losing steam? Howard?s talent, experience, and professionalism guarantee the last presentation will shine with as much warmth and humor as the first one. You gotta guy! With great pride, credibility and authenticity, count on your next audience to be engaged, learning, and eager for more.

Hiring Howard is not only a sure thing but will pay off in time saved, mistakes avoided, and goals reached.


Need Howard for your next event?

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