Howard Wallach, CGSP

Speaker  Master of Ceremonies  DJ   Game Show Host  Musicologist 

Live and Virtual Expert & Entertaining Speaker

Not only does Howard understand the power of laughter and the language               of business but as your VIRTUAL EVENT EMCEE                                                          Howard can present Live, Pre-recorded, or Hybrid for:

  • Fundraisers
  • Internal meetings
  • Customer events
  • User conferences
  • Town Hall meetings
  • Moderated round tables
  • Award galas
  • Milestone events

Howard can also translate his on-stage work to virtual using familiar live-event techniques:

  • Meeting openers
  • Executive intros
  • Seamless transitions
  • Interview segments
  • Interactive games
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Event moderator

Howard achieves all of this from A-Z’s broadcast studio outfitted with high-end 4K camera, state-of-the-art audio and lighting, green screen, teleprompter, and on-site technical team. Gaming-quality graphics, a content-rich program, cool animations, and game show breaks help your online event lively, interesting, and electric! 

Working as your virtual moderator, Howard has what it takes to deliver an effective virtual presentation that absolutely engages your audience. Go ahead and laugh! Release those endorphins! It’s showtime!

Hiring Howard is not only a sure thing but will pay off in time saved, mistakes avoided, and goals reached.